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Valentine’s Day on a budget

Valentine’s Day on a budget

January 24, 2014

It’s easy to get caught up in the spending frenzy that is Valentine’s Day. After all, we all would like to pamper our loved ones with luxurious massages, five-star gourmet meals and expensive jewellery. Unfortunately, few of us can actually afford the high price tag. Here are some cost-effective ways to rekindle the love.

Make a card. 

Even adults can have fun combining beautiful stationery with artistic flair to create a meaningful Valentine’s Day card. Add a photo of yourself and your loved one for a personalized touch.

Make home-baked goods.

Decadent chocolates are always a treat but they come at a cost. Worse yet, many grocery stores and specialty shops inflate their prices to coincide with holidays. Avoid this purchasing pitfall by heading to the kitchen. Make your loved one home-baked cookies, or plan a romantic dinner for two featuring your significant other’s favourite dishes.  

Schedule some quiet time. 

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to give the gift of companionship. Whether it’s a nature walk at dusk or an afternoon picnic, planning a peaceful outing for two is one of the most cost-effective – and romantic – ways to show your love.

Take over the chores. 

Doing the dishes, vacuuming, taking out the garbage – they’re all necessary day-to-day chores. But as time goes on, they can also eat away at romance. For Valentine’s Day, make a list of the top five jobs your loved one does around the house. Then create a voucher that promises you’ll take over these routine responsibilities for the next week – no exceptions. It won’t cost you a penny and you’ll restore the romance in no time.

Gather your memories. 

Take a walk down memory lane by presenting your loved one with a memory box or scrapbook full of old photos and precious keepsakes. Not only will it instantly transport you and your partner back to the early days of your relationship, but it’ll also get you talking about your hopes, dreams and plans for the future.