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The A, B, Cs of financial literacy

September 30, 2010

Consumers are hungry for practical information that will help them make better financial decisions. Learning more about debt, investing, and budgeting can help us manage our finances better and get ahead.

Fortunately, more and more regional organizations are equipping consumers with the right tools to make more informed financial decisions and improve their financial literacy.

Here are just a handful of innovative regionally based initiatives that can improve your dollar-and-cents know-how:

The National Financial Literacy Programme (NFLP)


Launched in January of 2007, the NFLP is an initiative of the Government of Trinidad and Tobago and is spearheaded by the Central Bank of Trinidad and Tobago. Initiatives include:

  • A three-part booklet series, Living the Entrepreneurial Dream, guides micro entrepreneurs on the development and operation of successful small businesses.
  • The NFLP is working with the Ministry of Education on incorporating financial literacy into the curriculum of the secondary schools. More than 200 secondary school teachers were trained by the NFLP last year.
  • The NFLP is collaborating with the Blind Welfare Association to disseminate information to the visually impaired. Some NFLP articles have been converted into Braille and will be accessible via public libraries across Trinidad and Tobago.

To find out more, check out the NFLP Website. The “Financial Tools” tab has some interactive tools you can try.
The Eastern Caribbean Central Bank

Playing a lead role in promoting financial education in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union. In celebration of October’s Financial Information Month, the ECCB is delivering financial education program in ECCU schools and wider communities. Planned activities include:

 Workshops on financial planning, investing, risk management and entrepreneurship.

  • Youth workshops on financial planning and entrepreneurship targeting high school and college students.
  • Presentations at parents-teachers meetings. 
Find out more at the ECCB website
The Caribbean Regional Technical Assistance Centre (CARTAC)

Based in Barbados, the CARTAC trains and assists member countries in economic management and is funded by international agencies. Initiatives include:  

  • Currently, a 13-part series of financial literacy radio talk shows are taking place in Barbados.
  • Financial Literacy Student Essay Contest – check out their site for the winners.
  • A Facebook page.

The CARTAC site has some great information and quick financial tips. Check it out here.