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4 ways to stay happy at work

4 ways to stay happy at work

April 02, 2014

With the right attitude and a few simple reminders, you can turn your everyday job into a satisfying career. Better yet, your healthy approach to hard work is likely to rub off on your colleagues for an all-round great workplace environment. Here are four ways to stay positive while earning a great living.  

1. Keep a positive mindset

Doing something that you’re good at can be a launching pad for self-discovery.  Every once in a while, take a moment to re-examine what you wish to accomplish professionally in the coming years and what it will take to reach your financial goals. You may discover that it’s time to transfer to a new department or acquire new skill sets. Whatever the case, viewing your career as a means for self-improvement can lead to both professional and personal growth.

2. Look beyond your career 

Never underestimate the power of taking a brief break from work. 
Vacationing with loved ones, taking up guitar lessons, signing up for art classes, starting an exercise regime — they’re all activities that can rejuvenate your life without giving up a steady paycheque. 

3. Be practical 

If you’re at the mid-career point, it’s likely you’re financially responsible for loved ones, a mortgage, bills, and countless other worldly expenses. So if you feel it’s time for a chance, why not look for other professional opportunities within the same organization? Better yet, update your skills and industry knowledge to qualify for a promotion. A change of scenery and a refreshing of responsibilities may be all that you need to feel refueled. 

4. Lay the foundation

If you’re convinced that a career change is in the cards, now’s the time to start laying a foundation for a new profession. Sign up for courses or certifications. Refresh your social support network by meeting colleagues for lunch. And start attending trade shows and seminars to prepare yourself for a new future.