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4 steps to selling your home

4 steps to selling your home

April 02, 2014

Selling your home takes more than setting the right price. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. And that means making sure your home is clean, uncluttered and ready to knock the socks off prospective buyers. These easy, cost-effective steps can help you prepare your home for sale.

1. Consider curb appeal

First impressions count — remember, your home’s landscaping is the first thing home seekers will see as they arrive at your doorstep. So mow the lawn, plant colourful flowers, trim your bushes and clear the walkway to welcome guests – and the highest bid possible.

2. Go neutral

Your family may have loved eating breakfast every day in a canary-yellow kitchen but the bolder the décor, the more likely you are to turn off prospective buyers. Instead, try neutralizing your home. Repaint your walls using a neutral colour palette like beiges or tans. And remove any personal objects such as family photos and heirlooms so that visitors can actually picture themselves living there.

3. Choose renovations that pay 

Now may not be the time to add a new storey to your home or install an in-ground swimming pool. But you may want to consider painting your kitchen cabinets, retiling your bathroom or patching your roof. These minor embellishments and fixes can enhance the value of your home without denting your wallet. 

4. Clean and de-clutter 

The family keepsakes you have scattered around the house may hold good memories, but prospective buyers will only see them as junk. Encourage visitors to focus on your home’s true real estate value by getting rid of all those knickknacks. Tidy your bookshelves, clean out the garage, throw away unwanted items and pack up unessential accessories for your new home. Better yet, make a few extra dollars by throwing a yard sale.